Goodbye SSH Brute-force!

Goodbye SSH Brute-force!


  1. Sign-up, free for the 1st 50 devices!
  2. Create a Zerotier private network
  3. Join private network, both ssh-server & client
  4. Configure sshd to listen with private IP
  5. Goodbye ssh-brute-force!


Reduce Attack-Surface

Screenshot 2020-10-16 at 8.57.43 AM.png

When we disrupt one or more of the Necessary & Sufficient conditions for any Cyber-Physical attacks, in this case Threat Accessibility, we lower the risk ( probability). This applies to other administrative service/ports.

Even if there were a 0-day ssh-server vulnerability that is exploitable, attackers will need to first get into your client.

Enabling Multi-Factor/Step Authentication on your VPS provider is also related to Threat Accessibility.

Improve "Signal-to-Noise" Ratio

Server-logs are useful for investigating any incidents. When cluttered with blocked/refused SSH attempts, those entries are simply "noise", which will be eliminated after this configuration.

Storage is Precious

Why waste it on "noise"?